James Lipnickas



Artist Statement: Drawings
My work evokes an air of mystery and intrigue. I am fascinated by UFOs,
mystery, unexplained phenomenon, monsters, hauntings and nature. I
find inspiration from the strange and unusual and live
in a small Cape in the woods of New England.

Artist Statement: Lines
There is design, texture and shape everywhere. Weathered steel, industrial
structures, the age of buildings and mild imperfections in nature. Geometric
shapes and patterns come together evoking thoughts and ideas.

My minimalist approach is a weave of black distressed surfaces juxtaposed
with bold white lines. Rocks that are scattered along the New England
coastline, their subtle nuances created by erosion, inspire each composition.

My appreciations of art and design have led me down a path that I continue
to explore in introspective and conceptual ways.

2012 School of Visual Arts, BFA

Nexus Productions

2013 Student Scholarship Competition, Society of Illustrators, NYC
2012 Student Scholarship Competition, Society of Illustrators, NYC
2012 3x3 Student Show Annual 20 Vol. Seven No. Two
2011 Poisoned Apples and Smoking Lamps, Visual Arts Gallery, NYC

Creeps Annual - Issue 6 (PDF)
Pocketful Illustration Magazine James Lipnickas (PDF)
The Other Worldly Art of James Lipnickas (PDF)
2014 Tiny Pencil Drawathon Winner (PDF)
The Merry Monsters of Windsor Terrace (PDF)

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